Building on a legacy
of successful
climate action
Solar panels at a treated wastewater holding pond
Our County,
Our future,
Our responsibility.
BayREN implements energy savings programs in our region
Common sense solutions
for a
prosperous future
Electric vehicle fleet at the Sonoma County Water Agency

About Us

The Regional Climate Protection Authority, RCPA, was formed in 2009 to coordinate countywide climate protection efforts among Sonoma County’s nine cities and multiple agencies. The RCPA fosters collaboration, helps to set goals, pools resources, formalizes partnerships, and works across silos. The RCPA aims to create local solutions to complement State, Federal, and private sector actions – all showing that a better future with lower emissions is possible.

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Sonoma Climate Challenge

The Sonoma Climate Challenge is an online community that empowers households to reduce their climate impact while saving money and creating a safer and healthier future. By joining the Sonoma Climate Challenge today, you’ll gain access to cost saving resources, supportive tools and the inspiration to empower your daily actions. Together, our small actions can have a HUGE collective impact.  |  Join the Challenge

Preparing for Climate Change

The report – Climate Ready Sonoma County: Climate Hazards and Vulnerabilities – makes it clear that local climate change is already happening, and causing hotter, drier weather with longer summers, more variable rain, and rising sea level and storm surge.

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Reducing Greenhouse Gases

Efficient Buildings

High efficiency buildings can save water and energy.

Clean Energy

Developing more electricity from renewable sources.

Low-carbon Transportation

Promoting the use of electric vehicles, hybrids and other clean options. 

Waste Reductions

Supporting a wiser use of discarded materials and landfill emissions.


Promoting conservation and restoration of the region’s carbon sequestration potential.

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