Sonoma Climate Challenge

Did you know that over 40% of greenhouse gas emissions come from actions at the household level?

We believe that you can help us create a resilient, sustainable future with healthy, safe and thriving neighborhoods. The Sonoma Climate Challenge is about coming together to amplify the impact of our individual actions towards a collective goal.

The Sonoma Climate Challenge offers an abundance of climate actions, including renter friendly one’s for you to pick from, for reducing your climate impact. By joining as a household you can form a team or community group, where the actions you take collectively will show up real time on a community leader board. There are also lots of regional resources available on the platform to help you save money while you take action towards a healthier community.

Sonoma County is already a leader in climate action and sustainability, but we need your help right now to reach our next critical goal. Together, we can create a clean energy, low carbon future and make Sonoma County a national model.

Together, our small actions can have a HUGE collective impact. From easy energy savings, waterwise landscapes and renter friendly actions to transportation solutions — YOU get to pick the impact you want to have!

Want to amplify your impact? Team up with friends, coworkers or neighbors to form a Team or Community Group.

We’re challenging Teams to compete during a Summer Sprint to see who can complete the most climate actions by September 8, 2019.