Pay As You Save (PAYS®)

The RCPA is leading the development of  a new model for building retrofits in California called Pay As You Save (PAYS®). PAYS is an “on bill” repayment model that has been successful in several other states but first implemented in California in the Town of Windsor in 2012. The Windsor Efficiency PAYS program was launched through a partnership with the RCPA using funding from the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Program.

PAYS allows customers to receive  packages of cost-effective energy and water efficiency measures certified by their utility with no up-front cost and pay for these measures over time through an efficiency charge on their water bill that is less than their total utility cost savings. This model is easy for customers, available to owners and renters, and capable of delivering meaningful water and energy savings:

Windsor PAYS results since 2012

Homes and apartments served: >700
Average customer savings:

$30 per bill
20% of indoor water use
10% of energy use

Total estimated annual savings:

Water: 9.2 million gallons
Electricity: 88,000 kWh hrs
Natural gas: 25,000 therms

Due to the promising results in the Town of Windsor, the RCPA has been working with BayREN to grow PAYS programs. BayREN has worked to develop new PAYS pilots with additional municipal water utility partners including the City of Hayward and the East Bay Municipal Utility District. The RCPA and BayREN are also working in  continued partnership to the Town of Windsor to support residential customers and expand PAYS to commercial customers.