About RCPA

The Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority (RCPA) was created in 2009 to coordinate countywide efforts among the County of Sonoma, the nine cities in Sonoma County, and multiple agencies on climate change issues. RCPA’s mission is to lead a local government coalition to mobilize regional climate action in Sonoma County. RCPA has the same Board of Directors as the Sonoma County Transportation Authority and includes representatives from each of the nine cities in Sonoma County and the Board of Supervisors.  RCPA fosters collaboration, helps to set goals, pools resources, formalizes partnerships, and works across silos. RCPA aims to create local solutions to complement State, Federal, and private sector actions – all showing that a better future with lower emissions is possible.

About the Climate Change Program Analyst position

The RCPA Climate Change Program Analyst assists the Director of Climate Programs on the development and implementation of RCPA’s 2030 Climate Emergency Mobilization Strategy. This requires a general knowledge of local, regional, state, and federal policies related to energy, transportation, planning, water and wastewater as well as familiarity with funding programs and legislative advocacy. The Program Analyst will be working on a regular basis with city and county staff, as well as stakeholders and consultants. The Program Analyst must also be able to effectively communicate RCPA’s mission to homeowners, the business community, contractors, and the general public at meetings and events.

This is a full-time, temporary extra help position.


  • Researching and developing best practices and policies
  • Assisting in the development of planning and policy documents
  • Managing data collection, monitoring, and reporting
  • Organizing committee meetings, leading meetings, taking minutes
  • Giving presentations to groups
  • Writing and editing letters, memos, proposals, and reports
  • Assisting in grant management and project management

The position requires knowledge of and abilities relating to:

  • Policies, laws and regulations regarding greenhouse gas emissions and emission reduction targets at the local, regional, and state level
  • Interdisciplinary emission reduction programs in energy, water, green building standards, transportation, land use planning, and waste
  • Interrelationships between government agencies at all levels
  • Strong problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills
  • Project management
  • Grant writing

Minimum Qualifications:

The minimum qualifications for the Climate Change Program Analyst include:

  • A Bachelors degree in environmental policy, management, planning, or a related discipline.
  • Minimum of two years full-time work experience in a climate change-related field, project management, environmental resource management, policy, planning, or related discipline.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Bilingual (Spanish/English) abilities are a plus.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access required. Some GIS, mapping, and data visualization skills helpful.

The Climate Change Program Analyst position is considered a temporary extra help employee of the SCTA.  The initial contract is expected to be 12 months, with possibility for renewal based on availability of funding. Extra help positions are eligible for certain benefits as outlined in the SCTA Personnel Policies, but they do differ from those provided to full time permanent positions. Paid holidays will be provided based on the terms of the SCTA Personnel Policies.  Starting salary is $52,000 annually plus benefits. Possession of a valid California Drivers License is required.


This is an open recruitment until the position is filled. Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the SCTA/RCPA office is temporarily closed and all staff members are working remotely. Therefore, we are accepting electronic applications only for this recruitment.

Electronic applications will be accepted through Friday, October 30, 2020. Please email a cover letter, resume, and a response to the questionnaire with “Climate Change Program Analyst” in the subject line to margaret.fernandez@scta.ca.gov


Supplemental Questionnaire

Climate Change Program Analyst

This questionnaire is intended to supplement your resume and will be used for further evaluation of your education, training and experience as it relates to the Climate Change Program Analyst position for which you are under consideration. Please fill out the questionnaire completely even if this information is included in your resume.

  1. Please describe your skill and experience in researching and developing policies related to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


  1. Please describe a situation where you were required to work with a committee or team to accomplish a project. Briefly describe the project and your role in the group. Describe how you dealt with any challenges or competing interests within the group.


  1. Please describe a challenging or complex research or policy problem or project that you encountered. Describe the problem or project and the steps you took to develop and complete the project from beginning to end. Describe how you were able to communicate the data and information you collected and/or developed to others and how it supported other project goals and objectives.


  1. What additional experience, training, certification, or special skills do you have that would relate to this position? Specifically, please note any experience in creating, maintaining or updating greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories or other climate change related data.