Sonoma Climate Mobilization: Funding for Climate Change

The Funding for Climate Change Committee aims to foster community-based efforts to engage climate experts, residents, and organizations in developing recommendations to the RCPA Board for an expenditure plan supporting a potential climate revenue measure in 2024. To successfully secure voter approval for the climate revenue measure, RCPA recognizes that it needs to gather input from community members representing the diversity of Sonoma County. The RCPA Board will use the recommendations from the Funding for Climate Change Committees and inputs from other stakeholders to decide on the contents of the final expenditure plan.

Meeting recording:

Meeting recording w/ Spanish Audio:

Today at 5:30!
Funding for Climate Change
Community Kick-Off Meeting
Hybrid Meeting: December 14th 5:30 – 7pm
Sonoma Clean Power Advanced Energy Center – 741 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA
Virtual: Register in advance
In person: RSVP Now
We need your help! The RCPA Board is seeking your ideas and expertise on how best we can address climate change locally and equitably. We will look at three major categories based on the Sonoma Climate Mobilization Strategy and create three Program Committees:

The purpose of each Program Committee is to provide a forum for climate experts and interested community members to discuss and evaluate potential climate solutions. From there we will create a list of programs and projects for consideration by the RCPA Board and explore how best to fund future action.
Learn more about the Program Committees on December 14th or let us know now if you are interested in serving on a committee by filling out the online form below.

(Form Link) –

We look forward to working with you to develop equitable solutions to help make Sonoma County resilient in the face of local climate impacts!

Take a look at our new video explaining climate challenges in Sonoma County and how RCPA is working to take effective action to secure a resilient future for all.

View Spanish subtitled version here. Ver versión subtitulada en español aquí

Learn more about RCPA’s Sonoma Climate Mobilization strategies here.

Fondos para la Reunión de Lanzamiento Comunitario del Cambio Climático
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Reunión híbrida: 14 de diciembre, de 5:30 a 7pm
Virtual: Regístrate por adelantado
En persona: Se ruega contestación
¡Necesitamos de tu ayuda! La Junta de la RCPA está solicitando tus ideas y experiencia para encontrar la mejor forma de tratar el cambio climático a nivel local y de manera equitativa. Tendremos tres categorías principales basadas en la Estrategia de Movilización Climática de Sonoma (Sonoma Climate Mobilization Strategy) y crear tres Comités Programáticos:

El propósito de cada Comité Programático es proveer un foro para que expertos en el clima y miembros de la comunidad interesados en el tema puedan discutir y evaluar soluciones climáticas potenciales. A partir de ahí, haremos una lista de programas y proyectos para ponerlos a consideración de la Junta de la RCPA y explorar la mejor manera de obtener fondos para acciones futuras.
Entérate más sobre los Comités Programáticos el 14 de diciembre o dinos desde ahora si tienes interés en participar en alguno de los comités llenando el formulario en línea que aparece a continuación:

(Form Link) –

¡Esperamos poder trabajar contigo en el desarrollo de soluciones equitativas para ayudar a hacer del Condado de Sonoma un ente resiliente al enfrentar los impactos climáticos locales!

Te invitamos a ver nuestro nuevo video, en donde se explican los desafíos climáticos en el Condado de Sonoma y cómo la RCPA trabaja para tomar acciones efectivas que aseguren un futuro resiliente para todos.

Ver versión subtitulada en español aquí

Obtenga más información sobre las estrategias de movilización climática de Sonoma de RCPA aquí.

RCPA Sonoma Climate Mobilization: A Call to Action

On April 11th, RCPA presented a public webinar focusing on climate change actions and helping to define the vision of a climate-resilient Sonoma County. If you missed the live presentation, please see the links below to watch the recordings, view the slide deck, and give us your input via the survey.

Webinar Recording – English
Webinar Recording – Spanish

SCM: A Call to Action Slide Deck

Survey Link

We also encourage you to attend RCPA’s Climate Action Advisory Committee (CAAC) Meetings. The CAAC is a group of local stakeholders that provide information and advice to the RCPA Board, staff, and project consultants regarding climate action efforts. CAAC meetings feature a standing agenda item dedicated to SCM strategy progress. The next CAAC meeting will be held on October 14th.

Who else should be involved?

Are you part of a Sonoma County group or organization that would be interested in a presentation showcasing Sonoma Climate Mobilization efforts and programs? As we garner support for future action, we’d like to connect with local groups and residents throughout the community.

If you are interested in future events and communication related to the RCPA Sonoma Climate Mobilization, please add new email addresses here.

We are grateful for your support and look forward to working with you on climate goals in the future!

-The RCPA Team