What We Do

RCPA coordinates countywide climate protection efforts. To accomplish this, we aim to foster collaboration, help to set goals, pool resources, formalize partnerships, and work across silos.


Sonoma Climate Mobilization
The Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority (RCPA) developed a Climate Mobilization Strategy to support a resolution declaring a Climate Emergency that was adopted by the RCPA Board in September 2019. This strategy solidifies Sonoma County’s commitment to mobilizing an emergency response commensurate with the scale of the climate crisis.

Resilience and Adaptation

Using historic data to predict future conditions is no longer adequate for long-term policy planning and decision-making, as local leaders work to protect the long-term vision for a vibrant Sonoma County. The RCPA teamed with scientists to develop a local assessment of climate risks: Climate Ready Sonoma County: Climate Hazards and Vulnerabilities

Shift Sonoma County

The RCPA worked with the SCTA to develop Shift Sonoma County. The project developed an action plan for local government to facilitate a significant shift in transportation behavior in Sonoma County, a reduction in vehicle miles traveled, and an increase in electric vehicle use. The Shift plan includes two main elements; a Transportation Mode Shift Action Plan (Mode Shift) and a Transportation Fuel Shift Action Plan (Fuel Shift).


Bay Area Regional Energy Network
The Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) is a collaboration of the nine counties that make up the San Francisco Bay Area. Led by the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), BayREN implements effective energy-saving programs on a regional level and draws on the expertise, experience, and proven track record of Bay Area local governments to develop and administer successful climate, resource, and sustainability programs.

Water Upgrades $ave

Water Upgrades $ave is a regional Program led by the Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority in partnership with the Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) to help local governments fulfill the state goal to “make water conservation a California way of life.”

In 2021, the Program began providing turn-key services to help Partner Utilities meet new state and local water efficiency goals, reach local difficulty to serve customers (e.g., low- and moderate-income property owners and renters), and produce water and energy savings on the customer side of the meter.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Sonoma County is committed to measuring, tracking, and reporting our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to communicate progress and focus our actions. While our ambitious GHG reduction goals take into account the critical role both regional and state entities play, our GHG inventory reflects the sectors and emissions sources that can be reduced through the actions of local governments and regional entities. RCPA has completed inventories for 2010, 2015, and 2018. It is now working on a 2020 update to track progress towards the countywide goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.

Local Government Coordination

In 2009, Sonoma County became the first in the nation to create a Regional Climate Protection Authority, a move that recognized both the magnitude of the challenge and the cross-jurisdictional nature of addressing climate change and reducing GHG emissions. The communities of Sonoma County are using regional collaboration, innovative governance, and efficient use of resources to ensure that the benefit of climate action by individual entities is greater than if each city or the county tackled climate change alone.